The name given by the parents is no longer used once a person becomes a spiritual Master. That person ceases to exist. It is as if the tenant of the house left and the original owner moved in. It is like the death of a person while still being alive. The lower self, or the ego self, is replaced by the true self. This is the reason why the Master’s love is so pure. It is even greater than the love of a mother. With this love, we lose all our attachments and desires of the world. We now become attached to the physical form of the Master. He becomes our crutch. We lean on him and depend upon Him. To evolve we have to be free even from this crutch. When the Master leaves his physical form, the pain of separation begins. Our tears are used to wash His lotus feet. The unbearable pain will want you to end your own life. So, too, will you end your life while you are alive. The end of the lower self, the ego self. Only then will you understand that when the Master and you died nobody came to the funeral. This garment, or house, or vehicle, now has the same owner. The pain of attachment to the physical form is no longer there. It is like being attached to a signpost saying 110 miles to Mumbai. We are worshiping and crying at the signpost, but not going to Mumbai. The Master’s love is to put us on the right track. Use the pain of separation to discover what the Master wants us to experience. Then, live only with the pain of gratitude. — Satish Daryanani

Swami Satchidananda walking with devotees