We meet new people and we click with some of them right away, mainly because we have common issues we can discuss. On the other hand, when there are arguments on issues, we may not want to meet them again. It does not matter if people have different opinions from us. When you meet people, slowly find out what they like and engage in that. If we try to force our views on them they may not enjoy our company. We will have lost a chance to learn something new from them. People are created for us to learn, laugh, help, inspire, or be inspired. It is new people we meet who can bring out the best or the worst in us. We sometimes see their situation and realize how grateful we should be that we are not going through their rough patches. The inner thirst for truth, peace, and wisdom could be found in the person we meet. We could have a fulfilling day by helping them get on the right track.  − Satish Daryanani

Several people meeting and greeting at sunrise