Advice is easy to give. It can be given without experience. It may also be given even if the giver does not believe in it. Some people are experts in giving advice without being aware of if the recipient will benefit from or be get hurt by it. Sometimes, advice is given with selfish motives. God’s guidance, on the other hand, is given only for your benefit. It may not look like it is a benefit now, but it is good for your overall growth. Guidance comes from God’s love for you, from the One who knows everything. If you have a choice between advice and guidance, be firm and stick with guidance. If you only obey guidance, then your mind may go on a permanent vacation. Your ego usually prefers advice rather than completely surrendering to guidance. If you feel God is out of touch and not keeping up with today’s times, you take advice from your peers. So, today: no advice from me. Only know that the Knower of all knows more than all those who you know.—Satish Daryanani

Man emphatically giving advice to a woman