We need middlemen to broker deals and to tell our points of view. If the middlemen do not do a good job, the message is misunderstood and deals are not completed. Actually, spiritual Masters are middlemen for God’s messages. They do try their best. Yet the messages are not always understood. We end up in debates and have arguments because of the middlemen’s misunderstood messages. I have taken part in many of these arguments. This coming year, one of my promises is that I will not get involved in any arguments on spirituality. Whatever you believe, I will agree. Middlemen have hard jobs, as they are in between two parties and both have to be pleased. Similarly, spiritual Masters want to spread the truth but it is bitter for most to swallow. I, too, have to learn to sugarcoat the teachings so the feelings of the listeners are not hurt. I have to find gentler ways to motivate them. This year, my New Years list of changes will probably be longer than Santa Claus’s list of gifts. So let’s all try to be good middlemen without expecting anything in return.— Satish Daryanani