Like water and ice cubes, mind and consciousness are the same, yet they differ. Our minds are our friends and are required to enjoy everything from within. Yet the same mind is the cause of all our suffering. It is not the Coronavirus that needs to be conquered, it is the stupid mind. We should start analyzing our thoughts daily. We often confirm something with someone and then we again raise the same subject to get it reconfirmed. We have fears and we may forget them for a while and yet they come up again and again. Honestly, 99% of all our thoughts are unnecessary, and the balance 1% focuses on situations that are presented directly to us. We are supposed to discover our true selves, yet we think we know more about everyone else. I used to laugh when disciples wanted to know everything about what the physical Master were doing rather than spending time mastering their own minds. I hope you enjoy the union when the mind dissolves in consciousness and all unwanted thoughts no longer exist. — Satish Daryanani

Brian in a lightbulb