The mind has logic, it rationalizes all actions. It makes moves based on fear and insecurity. It sometimes overthinks and misses the simplicity of things. It is the main barrier in spiritual growth. The heart does everything out of love. It does not justify what it is doing. Even if the world may tell you that you are being used, you still do it no matter how painful it might be. The heart does everything for the Lord without seeking anything in return. Only a pure loving heart can set you free from the bondage of this world. The mind and heart are the opposite sides of the same coin. The mind makes you financial profit, the heart gives spiritual profit. The mind will give intelligence, the heart awareness of the intellect. The mind can give you power, name and fame. The heart does everything out of gratitude for having everything. The mind makes you selfish, protecting and securing everything you have, whereas the heart makes the world think you are crazy because you are losing everything. Those who use only their minds continue being hard-headed. Those who use their hearts continue being soft and let nothing change in the way they are. This is the gift from the Lord. There is a battle between these two personalities. Both cannot understand each other. Yet, they have to co-exist. — Satish Daryanani