When I was in the retail and wholesale businesses, I used to see people walking around to see how many customers were in their competitors’ stores. They would not mind their own business but were more interested in others’ businesses. Similarly, we are more interested in influencing the minds of others rather than working on our own minds. My spiritual Master gave me a holy Mantra to chant that would keep my mind occupied. Eventually, with the grace of God, that too drops away when the mind links with the One who has created the mind. You get such wonderful experiences that cannot be described with words. You even ask God, “Do I have to come back to this asylum to do my part, or can I just stay here permanently?” To reach this stage, we have to be aware of how we spend our time. If a phone call pertains to my duties, spreading the teachings, or any form of service, then I answer it. Otherwise, short text messages are fine. Realizing that most thoughts are unnecessary, we still spend so much time on them. Most of what I dream and what actually happens are poles apart. We waste a lot of time in imagining what heaven is like, what God looks like, when will we attain realization, will we be reincarnated, or who we were in our previous lives. Spend time only in witnessing your crazy mind. It is better than the cinema or Netflix. Slowly, the mind gets tired of wondering and the true joy of the human form can be enjoyed. Experience being in the lap of the Lord. Nothing can make you happier than being at this state permanently. This is true heaven. So, mind your mind and you will become free from the mind.—Satish Daryanani

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