To prove that one is a saint, miracles have to be performed. Some people do not believe in miracles. Others believe the formula that, if you pray, and if God so chooses, then miracles take place. Even if an alcoholic, or a very bad person, gets a miracle, he believes God will not waste it on them. Due to miracles, many people lose faith in God, as they feel He is not just. Many spiritual Masters have to perform miracles to get devotees. Even Jesus had to perform miracles. Those who have the gift of miracles can see nothing but miracles. For example, this good-for-nothing instrument is sending out these thoughts. Every effortless breath is a miracle. Everything in nature is a miracle. Peace and joy are miracles. Most people only want the big miracles: heal someone, bring someone back from the dead, walk on water, change the future. All the small miracles are easier to see instead, and that is truly a miracle. For me, the greatest miracle is to come in a human form and experience God. No miracle is greater than that. — Satish Daryanani

Buddha, when you see life as a miracle, it becomes precious