We are God’s puppets yet, we cannot see the strings. He separated us from Himself, and we have to go through many births and deaths to return to Him. He has given us so many temptations that we have to control ourselves to even be able think of Him. We are given a mouth and love to talk, yet we have to sit in silence to experience Him. He reveals Himself to a few and they become saints while the rest of us are suffering to enjoy His presence. He has a large heart that gives us all unconditional love, yet He is also a miser, giving us small hearts so we cannot love Him back equally. He made us ignorant so He can laugh at our mistakes. We know He is watching us, so we keep feeling guilty about all our wrong doing. Every time He comes on the earth plane, we get stuck with a new religion. He gives us weaknesses: anger, lust, greed, etc., and we must build up the will power to not yield to them. We humans are His with which to toy, because He is bored and has nothing better to do. You are naughty and mischievous, my Lord, but I still love you. — Satish Daryanani