We must not miss taking lessons from our “mis-takes.” All mis-takes are stepping stones on the path of learning. I am nothing but the sum off all my mis-takes. If you have never made any mis-takes, then you will remain the same, no more growth. Even God is always learning, no more dinosaurs or T-Rexes, otherwise we would have had no cities in the world. On the other hand, if you depend on God’s plan and believe that everything is for good, then you will not have mis-takes, as you are not responsible. Either way, I am thankful that we miss the takes while we are young. They help us as we get older. If you are honest and keep your word of honor, you expect others to do the same. I used to trust people very easily. I have been so roasted that, now, I only trust what is in my control. l did not miss this lesson. The world, too, learned a lesson—not to treat viruses lightly in the future. — Satish Daryanani