In a movie, the actor gets to choose an impossible mission. We also have the choice to choose an impossible mission. What is the mission? Trying to save just one soul in our lifetime. To do that, the first part, which is extremely hard, is to save ourselves. If you have really got it, the impossible mission is to do it for another person. Many spiritual Masters have spent their lives and have failed in this mission. When you do take on this mission, be free from the result of your actions. This way, you will not have expectations or disappointments. Just do it for your entertainment. Saving someone’s soul is not in your control. All you can do is your best, with you being the example. If you accept this mission, all the talks shared, books written, and thoughts sent are you playing your part. The result lies in the hands of the director of this movie. − Satish Daryanani

Tom Cruise Cliff hanging in Mission Impossible