When someone says something and the other person misses the opportunity to understand, it causes a misunderstanding. Saying one thing and doing the opposite is another source of misunderstanding. The person who is most misunderstood is God. How can the world understand that everything is happening for good, that lessons come to help us learn? People who are filing for bankruptcy, extremely sick, or going through a divorce will not understand the benefits of their experiences. Parents and children misunderstand each other over the so-called generation gap. How can you stop all misunderstanding? You can give your point of view and then let go. Others may or may not understand or benefit from your opinion. Your job is done. If you are on the receiving end of someone’s suggestion, based on the history of his or her past suggestions, you may obey or disobey. My spiritual Masters and I used to have misunderstandings about what I was told by others. When I look back at all that was said, I could have benefited. Misunderstanding is the price of disobedience to the One who is connected with the Lord. Work on your understanding from a neutral point of view, not using your ego or while pursuing your desires. You will gain many benefits by listening to the experiences of others. Even the benefits of spirituality are misunderstood. Only when we realize the benefits, will God be understood. — Satish Daryanani

cartoon of boy and girl misunderstanding each other