We human beings do not want what nature gives us. We want to mix things and make our own concoctions. We like things that are bittersweet. We mix fruit juices with vegetable juices. Some things are not meant to be mixed, like oil and water. Our bodies and minds have limitations. When we go against their natural order, we pay a price. For example, our lungs are designed for taking in fresh air full of oxygen, and not nicotine from cigarettes. Our minds can get high from inner peace and wisdom; we do not need chemically induced drugs, which give a temporary high and then lead us to crash in the lows of depression. Most of us know the truth, yet, we mix in lies—because the truth is not convenient for us. When we watch the news, we know the truth, yet we believe the politicians’ lies. We know the truth that we all have to die, yet, no one wants to accept it. We all know our bodies are aging, yet, people spend millions of dollars trying to look younger. We all know everything happens with the will of God, yet, the ego makes us believe we do everything. We know we cannot take our money with us, yet, we do everything to collect as much as possible. That is why there is a saying: Truth hurts. Mixing our inner wisdom with selfish ignorance creates all the problems in our lives. It is okay to have mixed drinks in moderation, like a Lychee Martini, my favorite, but the more you have natural products, the better it is for your health. The nature of the mind is truth. To entertain yourself, please mix, in moderation, the lies that people say on CNN and Fox. — Satish Daryanani