When we are in a rhythm, everything just flows. In business, sports, music, and many other fields, once momentum is built, it feels like nothing can stop the flow. Sometimes, the momentum of thought is so wonderful and instant you cannot type fast enough. These moments come fleetingly, and we must maximize them. A poet may be struggling to write one poem but, in the momentum, a whole book can be finished. When the momentum of divinity takes place, what can normally take years to experience can happen in a few hours or even in an instant. The momentum of ideas can change all the plans of your life. The momentum of creativity can transform the world. The entire creation can unfold to you at this moment. Truly, when it rains it pours. Even God’s grace can have momentum. You could spend your life walking for days in a desert thirsty and parched, and then, suddenly, you are brought under a waterfall, overwhelmed by water. So do not give up. Any dry spell is temporary. When the momentum of fortune comes do not be egotistic, remember the struggles when the momentum was not with you. — Satish Daryanani

President Obama enjoyig a waterfall