I asked this question of my Master, “What is the use of a mosquito?” In God’s plan everything is useful, even a mosquito. Following a path of non-violence, I was not even permitted to kill one. Up until today, I have not understood the purpose of a mosquito, just that it is there only to bite me. If there were no mosquitoes, then there wouldn’t be a disease like malaria. If there was no malaria, there wouldn’t be a drug to cure it. So if the malaria medicine, chloroquine, cures even a few people of the Coronavirus, then the mosquitoes are of use. I guess everything God does is useful, sometimes we just do not see that. Heck, even the Coronavirus is useful. Only in time, will we understand. The Lord is too smart to make a mistake and too loving to punish. We just have to realize that.— Satish Daryanani

Mosquito drawing blood