We celebrate Mother’s Day just one day a year. It should be celebrated every moment, especially if you were a naughty child, like me. Most people would quit, but mothers have no choice. Many of my qualities, my strengths and weaknesses, come from my mother — luckily more strengths. She alway said, “Look at those who have less than you. So, do not think too much about the future. Be content and humble.” She was a spiritual person and helped me get close to spiritual Masters. I also got my temper from her. Also, my love of snacks and junk food came from her. She fed me delicious food, so I became a food lover. During meals, she would read to me stories of saints, of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, so I would eat. She introduced me to movies. She taught me how to laugh so much that I would run out of breath. She taught me to walk, as she loved walking. She was never envious of anyone, so I do not have that in me. My mother showed me how to pray. I thank God, not only for my physical mother, but also for all the mothers who have taken care of me, even the spiritual Masters who have mothered me. I only pray that one day this heart made of granite rock will become as soft as a Mother’s heart. — Satish Daryanani

Mother Terese