When you move from one location to another, you get to see all the things you have collected. So many things have expired and have to be thrown away. You have duplicates and triplicates of many items. No wonder the movers charge so much, as the boxes are heavy. Thank God we do not have to pack and pay movers for the last move. It all gets left behind. Even my spiritual Masters left behind many books after they left their bodies. I would love to find out if they had read them all. We collect so many things we do not need. We take on so much stress over all this stuff, which will be of no use one day. We all know this fact and yet we have an addiction to collecting. Even the pictures and the memories are left behind. What do we carry with us? All that we did not pay for, all what the movers cannot move. Only that which moves your soul always moves with you. — Satish Daryanani

Moving truck loaded with stuff