Mukti means emancipation, liberation, or freedom. Many people would like to experience true Mukti, yet only a few do. It can be experienced only in the human form. It’s simple—if you have no desire or attachments, you are not bound. You cannot desire Mukti, it occurs automatically when nothing binds you. How can one reach this state? The more you long for the Lord, the more your interest in everything drops. One day, with Grace, even the longing for the Lord is fulfilled with the presence of God. Now there is nothing to seek, or draw, your attention. Mukti is like floating on air—free from everything. This liberation of our self-imposed prison sentence is what every seeker longs for. The spiritual Masters spend their lives trying to spread the teachings to help others reach this state. Letting go is the easiest and the hardest thing for a person. With no excess baggage to carry, you have given no value to your life. Your being is enough. You are free from the cycle of birth and death, as there is nothing left to fulfill. You can come and go as you please. Mukti is our natural state. We decided to mess it up. — Satish Daryanani