My Body

Many people who have not taken the vaccine feel that they should not be forced into putting something in their bodies. Instead, if they were told that they would be banned from taking the vaccine then they would fight for their rights to take it. Due to misinformation, we fear and get upset when we are forced to do something. It is not the vaccine that is the problem; it is that we identify ourselves with the body. We did not want to wear seatbelts in the car, as they restrict us, and now we have gotten used to them. People do not want to be treated like cattle, so they rebel. Similarly, if God is forced upon people, He will be rejected—like the vaccine. We may not always know what is good for us and so should form a relationship with someone who has the neutrality to guide us. I was fortunate to have many such neutral people—my spiritual Masters. I had no choice but to obey them. Satish Daryanani