This thought is going to be hard to explain. We all cannot behave like saints, yet we can be aware that we are saints. My role in this life is that of a business person. I have to be money-minded, ruthless, calculating, and, at times, a little heartless–all while I try to be aware of the divinity within. If anyone sees saintly qualities in me, then I am doing a poor job of being a businessman. Only the Lord and your spiritual Masters should know the real you—what is in your heart and in the depths of your understanding. The rest of the world should think you are a hypocrite, putting up a facade of spirituality. I look at the saints and keep aspiring to be one, though my role in this life will not permit me to be saintly. This is good, as it is more fun to aspire to be like my true love and yet never come close to fulfilling that wish. — Satish Daryanani