My Master’s Birthday

Usually at this time of the year, I would be in India celebrating my spiritual Master’s birthday. It still feels odd that He is physically not with me. His birthday celebration was for us to forgive those who have affected us. I would think of all the people who bothered me and the only one I felt I needed to forgive was my Master on His birthday. He was a butcher to me so only He could disturb my peace. On this special occasion, I now think of what mattered the most to Him. I would say being humble, which comes from being aware of the continuous love and grace from God, and not wasting this human form which can free you from the endless cycle of birth and death. We should experience God in the way we experience everything in our lives, enjoy and discover the inner world of silence. We should serve everyone when we see the extension of ourselves in everything. Above all, we should have the joy of life, as every moment is a gift from God. Thank you, my Master, my Boss, my Heffe. You are everything and I am nothing. Satish Daryanani