Some people give up easily and love using this phrase, “In my next life.” I was talking to someone about silence, and he said that he would practice silence in his next life. If someone is not a great athlete, he will say he wants to become one in his next life. Some women tell me that, in their next lives, they want to come back as men. Leaving things for the next life is like passing a hot potato to your future self. The problem is that you are still the same. Your today is carried forward to the next morning. You are carried into the next life with your strengths and weaknesses. What you cannot attain today with a healthy body, good guidance, and basic necessities provided, will most likely not be attained in your next life. If you were born in Africa, sick and with no food nor water, it would be even more challenging. Now, you have everything. Do not waste it. You may not have me to push you in your next life. The only thing you can pray is, ”If the Lord wishes to send this instrument again, please let me be of service. All my selfish desires should be extinguished in this birth so there is no person again. Lord, this slave is always ready to obey your wish. Heaven, hell, or rebirth, they are all the same to me.” — Satish Daryanani

Now vs later sign