Think of this whole world as a big drama. We can choose to be Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Tom Brady, James Bond, or other characters. Our desires to become like others have to be fulfilled, so we keep on coming back in this human form, again and again, as we want to play different roles. There is nothing wrong with it. My superheroes are my spiritual Masters. I do not wish to become like them. I just want to continue being their friend. I am already fulfilling this desire in my existing birth, so I am satisfied being in my own skin.  I can come back, again and again, to play the role of a seeker. If I want to stop taking part in this drama of life I must get fed up with playing my own role. It is up to you to either keep enacting the roles of different characters, replay your own existing character, or to retire permanently. This is a small explanation of a liberated soul. There is so much more, which we can hopefully cover at a later date.— Satish Daryanani