People negotiate with God. Children, too, negotiate with their parents. When I was young, I used to negotiate a lot with God. When my mother had to go for a surgery, my prayers were, “God if You do this, I will do that.” During my examinations, I would make similar deals. I used to also negotiate with my Spiritual Masters.  Today I laugh at my old self. I now have only one negotiation—I am only in this human form to experience You. Please let the merge with You not take place, as I enjoy the separation. God is smart. He lets you think you won. You only find out in time that He is stubborn and does what ever He wishes. Temporary happiness comes from winning a negotiation with God but our prayers are being wasted thinking we can win. Let’s just have a simple negotiation: Lord, you know best. Let me not waste my breath thinking I know what is best for me. Only for my fun, let me think I have some say in my life. Let me think I can beat You once in a while in life’s game of chess. — Satish Daryanani