I do not like to enter into negotiations by nature.  Everything in the world should be like shopping on Amazon—either you want it or you don’t. I did, however, like negotiating with my spiritual Masters in trying to find short cuts in spirituality. I even try negotiating with God to get the best out of Him and giving as little as I can of my inconveniences in return. So what’s the best deal? The best deal is when every one wins. To make everyone happy is not easy, so negotiations take a lot of work. Sometimes I get impatient and I am not able to negotiate well. I just like the matter to be closed. I still feel I got the best deals from my masters. They give me all the love, grace, guidance, forgiveness and wisdom with just a little effort to show that I want to grow in spirituality. A great bargain because of their soft caring hearts. Now one last negotiation left, “Lord give me the best that this life can offer and I promise no matter how much I enjoy I will not be pulled by this world to come back. This I guarantee you, my Lord, so there is no need to push my buttons.” Satish Daryanani