I love Netflix because it remembers what I was watching. I was watching Season 6 Episode 3 with 28 minutes and 7 seconds left in that episode, and it remembers that. Even after a few minutes, days, or months, I can go back to Netflix and it will take me back to that same location without me having to find where I paused the show. Even if I move on to do something else, I can go back to the same experience I had at Netflix when I left it. There are those who meditate and, if they are disturbed by something, they get upset. They are not able to go back to the same experience even a few seconds later. The reason is they are only working on building their focus. In the struggle to keep focused, the link gets broken. When meditation becomes like Netflix, you enjoy the show. You may not sit in silence for a few days or months but, whenever you do, you will experience exactly the place you left. You need not start again from Season 1 Episode 1. There are people addicted to Netflix, as they can enjoy whenever they want. Similarly, if silence becomes Netflix, you, too, will become a slave of it. All the entertainment whenever you want. Leave and come back to it at your convenience and enjoy it from where you left it. — Satish Daryanani