Since Jesus Christ, Buddha and Guru Nanak, there have been many more Saints. They all have spread the teachings by traveling and writing books, and their teachings are now spread on social media, such as YouTube. Did the great souls of the past miss out on revealing any crucial teachings? Another 500 years will pass and spiritual Masters will continue to spread the teachings. Will it be something new that we missed out on today? Throughout all these years, the teachings have been the same—only the presentation and use of words change. The same teaching was told to me by my spiritual Masters during different times, as I was able to understand more and more. The core has not changed for thousands of years. Only the spiritual Masters have changed. As you change in your mindset, the more you will be able to grasp the true meaning of life. Once you get it, then you become another master trying to explain what already has been said since a very long time. Satish Daryanani