The meaning of news is facts from the North, East, West, and South. Today, however, it is only the opinions of the media without any investigation in the story. They put it in a question form, and not a statement: “He is guilty?” “God is dead?” “There is no God?” And so on. This way, they cannot be sued for falsehood. It is not the fault of the one who spreads false rumors that can change one’s career or the elections. It is the fault of the ones who are influenced by it. There are two groups: the ones who believe, and those who do not believe these stories; those who believe that there is a creator, and the ones who do not. There is only one that is always right. That is your inner voice. Develop the ability to listen to that. No one, then, will be able to influence you. You will be able to block the noise of the world. Keep only the information that can help you develop, or help others. Slowly, you will learn to walk in this world alone, but never be lonely. — Satish Daryanani

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