This morning, I asked God a question: “Why do we get so much from You even if we do not deserve it?” There was no answer. Later, I realized that, if we deserved everything, then God would just be an ordinary person. We, too, give to deserving people. It is harder to keep on giving to those who have not earned it. We now can have gratitude and a little humility, as we know we are not deserving of everything. We can try to improve but weak people, like me, yield to our desires. If I change and become good and blessings stop coming to me, then my complaints will increase, as I feel I deserve what is due to me. So let me remain the same. If good things happen, it is a bonus. If nothing happens, I only got what I deserved—a win-win situation.— Satish Daryanani

Win-win drawn over a rainbow