A bird flying in the sky does not leave any footprints in its path. Sages and saints do not leave their footprints for us to follow them step-by-step. Similarly, in spirituality, we have to create our own paths. Our journeys are our own; there is no ready-made path. To reach the truth of ultimate realization does not come without cost, otherwise everyone would have it. The path you create can only be used to inspire others, even your loved ones cannot benefit from your journey. This is why in the spiritual journey you are on your own. The North Star can be the Lord, guiding and giving you light so you are not completely lost. When you do get there, no old man is waiting for you, instead, you are waiting for yourself and you are welcoming yourself. On this journey, you become nothing and you will realize everything. That is why we say, “Truth Is One, Paths Are Many,” as no two people can take the exact path.— Satish Daryanani

Footprints in the sand