We may take credit for our efforts. If we eat well and exercise, we shape our bodies. If we work hard and are smart, we may reach financial success. We study hard and can earn a college degree. We can even take credit for buying a lottery ticket and winning a billion dollars. If you practiced all the austerities and reach a high point in your spiritual growth, you may take the credit for it. Suddenly out of the blue, within one year you go into a depth, which you are unable to understand. There is no logic, as you did not do anything special. It just happens. We do not get humbled by grace but, when grace has no logic, we lose our ego. We lose our capacity to understand what we are experiencing. This divine awakening within has no explanation. All you can tell everyone is that it is grace and have gratitude to the giver of grace. Let us put in the effort to buy the trillion-dollar lottery ticket of spirituality. Even if we win it, we cannot take the credit. Truly, there is no logic to God’s grace. — Satish Daryanani