Just to experience a glimpse of peace, at the beginning of his or her spiritual journey an aspirant struggles to control the mind. You can use the longing for the Lord to focus. Eventually, the mind becomes calm, and you experience the ecstasy of peace. Many years ago, my spiritual Master told me, “So, you are sitting in silence enjoying peace. Have you forgotten the longing for the Lord?” I was confused, as I felt that peace is a form of God. Anyway, to make Him happy, I fought the deep peace and tried to bring the image of God to my mind and enjoy the sweet sorrow of separation. Today, more than ten years later, I understood what I was meant to learn. “My child, don’t even be attached to peace. I tested you to realize that peace is a blessing and not to forget the Giver of this grace.” We get so caught up in grace that we forget the Beloved who bestows it upon us. So, if the Lord chooses to disturb my peace, it will not affect me. The irony is that your equanimity remains the same whether or not you experience peace.— Satish Daryanani