When spiritual Masters bless, they do not like to take credit for the blessings. My spiritual Master would use the occasion of the death day of his Master to bless me in my spiritual evolution. He told me, “More important than the birth dates of the Masters are the days they leave their bodies. Today is the anniversary of the day my Master’s Master left his body. The greatest gift my spiritual Master gave me before leaving his body was the gift of being free from all gifts. Nothing can be better than that. When a spiritual aspirant reaches the state where they are free from everything, they are no longer dependent on blessings from the outside. They receive all the blessings and grace from within. Yet, they do ask others to bless them. This is done out of humility and to give others a chance to open their hearts to bless them. So, on this auspicious day, I thank my spiritual Master for blessing me and not taking the credit for it.— Satish Daryanani