I try to drink almond milk, non-alcoholic drinks, eat vegan cheese and plant based meats, use Stevia instead of sugar. All these are more healthy but, are not the same as the real stuff. I guess for those who have never tasted the original, it is easier to get used to the substitutes. I enjoyed being around the physical presence of the spiritual Masters. Watching their videos on YouTube tube is not the same. Once you have experienced God in the original form, it is not the same to enjoy God in His multiplication. It is like having answers come to you in words rather than through experience, or getting temporary happiness from outside vs. being happy within for no reason, or sleeping with a sleeping pill vs. having natural sleep, or learning about the creation of man from Darwin’s theory vs. realizing the energy within which is manifested in everything, or being calm by hiding from the world vs. remaining calm in spite of being tossed by the waves of the world. A Xerox copy is not the same as the original. See and experience everything first hand rather than living life through the stories of others. — Satish Daryanani