Being desireless does not mean having no desires. You can have all your desires but be not attached to them. For example, my desire is to make the whole world vegetarian. I, also, want to spread the teachings of my spiritual Masters. Yet, even if nobody becomes vegetarian or benefits from the teachings, it does not affect me. You can have desires and work toward fulfilling them, yet, be free from the results. Even the desire to see and meet God should be left in the hands of God. You must even be free from the desire to be desireless. The desire to be like my Masters is impossible, yet, I can try, knowing that I am getting nowhere. The desire to not displease God is also unattainable. Knowing that your desires are infinite and most may not manifest, you are not disappointed. This is the way you live a desireless life. Wanting, yet free from the want. — Satish Daryanani