There are people who still believe that Trump won the election and the COVID vaccine is not safe. Even if God appears in front of them they will not believe. Nothing can be done, as their understanding is limited. The spiritual Masters work on those who have some potential to evolve and not break their heads on those who are completely set in their ways. In many countries, where is a two-party political system, nearly 80 percent are loyal to their parties no matter who the candidates are. The election is based only on the 20 percent independent voters. We must be independent and open in our thinking to experience all that is out there. What you are now may not be what you will become. It’s actually fun to the see the new you and wonder where the old self went. Forget the nine lives of a cat. We must live with an even greater number of lives and feel as if we have taken many births in this one birth, played various roles in this one drama. Nobody should get bored around you, as you are always changing. Let us not be so set in our ways that God feels nothing can be done. — Satish Daryanani