This is one of the most basic teachings and yet, most of us forget. Our families, our bodies and minds, possessions, the entire world, and everything else that we consider near and dear to us, don’t belong to us. Most of our sufferings take place because we forget this most simple fact. I’ll give a simple example—when I owned a building a lot of toilet paper and paper towels were being wasted, it bothered me. I saw the same thing happening even after I sold the building, but now I don’t care. It is not mine. If nothing is yours, why do things bother you? You are a mere custodian, so do your best to give the best returns to the real owner, God. Take care of all the assets under your control, for which you do get a nice paycheck, but remember, the assets do not belong to you. You could be the general manager but not the boss. There is only one Big Boss who owns everything. Let Him worry. You do your best and relax. Climate change and everything else is not your concern. You can only do your part. Writing this thought is my job; the benefit from this is not in my hands. Satish Daryanani