Even though the ocean is sometimes calm, there are still waves. Trying to have perfect situations in our lives is like trying to remove the waves from the ocean. Trying to keep the mind calm presents the same situation. We are meant to ride the waves of life and not get bored by calm waters. That is why retired people are miserable: There are no waves like there were in their professional lives. We are only meant to work on ourselves, not our circumstances. We plan: If certain things happen, then within a few years, we will have smooth sailing. When one issue is solved, others will arise; this is guaranteed. You will never be free. If everything is perfect in the world, then doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, priests, and even God will no longer be needed. Above all, there will be no one reading these messages. Thank God for the waves in life so, at least, God is always required.—Satish Daryanani

waves in calm water