Extracting a tooth is not easy. You can talk to the tooth and thank it for its service. Now it is time to let go and move on. Yet, the tooth holds on, not knowing it has served its purpose. I know of many disciples who get devastated when they are not needed by their spiritual Masters. This ability to move on in life is not easy for most people. We get attached like the tooth, thinking we are still needed. Even in sports, great athletes, like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, were traded to other teams towards the end of their careers. We are needed and used for specific purposes and times. Our bosses can use us and throw us like used chewing gum. We must not get hurt and still cling on like a tooth. Detach and leave without causing pain. Even if your loved one is suffering in a hospital,it is ok to tell them to move on and everything will be ok. Being here to serve and move on is our purpose in life. God needs us, uses us, and gets rid of us. This is a fact of life. So, enjoy life as a tooth. Be used and be detached to be free from the loving hands of the dentist. — Satish Daryanani