One of the actors in a movie said, “If there was one God and one religion, there would be no violence among people.” Another said, “Mankind would find another reason to fight.” Even if there is peace in the world, fights can still take place. Despite all the variations we have, violence can take place for no reason at all. Why do we fight and hurt each other? We think we are human beings but not all have evolved. We have been animals in our previous births so violence is still in our DNA. The further we move away from our animal instincts the more human we become. We have to still go further to become just a being—free from the baggage of being human. Hopefully we reach the final state of non-being which cannot be explained but, from this non-being comes everything. Now you are a part of that. Darwin’s theory of evolution is only a small step to our real evolution. Satish Daryanani