A seeker asked a spiritual Master to describe Oneness. The Master whispered in the seeker’s ear, “Death.” This one word has many meanings: the death of the ego, death of ignorance, and death of your identifications. When we think we are someone, we are alive and therefore, there is a separation. Now, there is Oneness while we are alive. We all need air to breathe, food, and water. We are all made up of atoms. We are all going to die. This is how the mind understands oneness; to experience oneness is something else. Seeing the One in everyone starts with seeing the One in yourself. Everything starts with you—see yourself in everything and nothing is separate from you. You should be fed up with you, as you are everywhere. You cannot even get rid of and escape from you. Even in hell or heaven, it is you. So are you sure you want to seek Oneness? You can forget about the Oneness after experiencing oneness, just to have fun. If you get bored, fill your life with variety.  If the variety overwhelms you, remind yourself of the Oneness. — Satish Daryanani