Being with various saints over the years, I realize it is hard for people to see someone as a saint. We see only their exterior and arrive at conclusions. It is possible to see the inside of a person only if you, too, are a saint. People wonder: Why would saints need to wear overcoats in winter? Why do they need to travel in first class or in private jets? Some think: They definitely should not see movies or eat delicious food. They should feel no pain or show signs of any pain and never show they are upset with anyone or anything. Being a saint is from within. Being and living as a human being in the exterior form is also being a saint. That is why sometimes we feel saints are not impartial. They show they are closer to one disciple over another. The saint sees the inside of the person. They see the potential. They even know which disciple is a saint but lets the world think he is a normal human being. You do not need to wear a T-shirt or a cap saying you are a saint. Instead you should wear a big sign, “Saint in the Making.” The first sign of a saint is that they see everyone as a saint. Some have realized it and some have not. That is the only difference between being a saint and not being a saint. — Satish Daryanani

2 street musicians with halos of sainthood