I asked my Master, “Is it possible to read the mind of a person?” He said, “Yes, but, normally, it is not done.” “So,” I asked, “If a devotee would like you to access his mind, would you agree?” He smiled and said nothing. As different programs took place, he said, word for word, what was in my mind, with a naughty smile. Knowing that He can tap into your mind, start being aware of your thoughts when the master is around. “Now,” the Master said, “why only when I am around you physically? I can access your mind anytime. It is easy to control the mind for a few hours. To do it all the time is hard. The Lord knows all your thoughts all the time. All you are doing is being aware of that fact.” The Master does this for a short period of time only to train you. You can make it permanent. I plead to the Lord, “Please do not read my mind while I am at Miami Beach.” — Satish Daryanani

Enticing woman at the beach

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