I was on my way to the city where my spiritual Master left His body last year. Normally, there is an excitement about getting to meet the Master. This time, I thought there will be some sorrow on the journey. Instead, an opposite reaction occured—the greatest joy, peace, and happiness. The reason is that, when the Master is in the body, there are many people around Him. You get limited time. You have to even wait in order to meet him. Sometimes, you have to control your conversation, as others are around. On my journey, the Master is with me exclusively, no sharing, no requests to meet Him. I have Him all to myself, one on one. I even feel guilty thinking that it is better to not have Him in the physical. I am enjoying it even more. The relationship from within is greater than the external relationships we create. Even those who want Jesus to come back will not have as much fun. All the rich and famous people will monopolize Him. You will only be able to see Him on television. You can enjoy the relationship you build with Him right now. All for you. Even if you see God in heaven, it will not be as much fun as experiencing God now, while you are in this human form. It is a great feeling. It can be more real than using all your outer senses. This opposite reaction from sorrow to true joy has made this journey worth taking. Build this inner relationship with the Lord, and no other relationship will matter. — Satish Daryanani

joyous woman in blue orbs