There are many answers to the question, “What is our greatest quality?” However, the root of all the answers is our ability to love. If we are not capable of love, then we have no quality at all. This greatest quality is within us, as we have been created by the One who is the ocean of love. That DNA is within us. Even the cruelest people have this quality. They are able to love themselves. They even have the love to hurt others. Hitler loved the Aryan race over others. Trump loves money, power, name, and fame. Love is consistent. Where, when, and to who is different among people. It is only with love that you can spirituality evolve. Only with love can you serve. This quality may be predominant or dormant in people. That is the only difference between a saint and an evil person.  So how did we have so many wars, if we all have love in us? It is because of selfish love: love for race, religion, nation, and belief. This limited love is the cause of all pain. It is not universal love. Love can justify everything. This quality of love is the cause of all the good as well as all the destruction in the world. Love can bring you closer to God or the Devil. Using love with wisdom helps one to grow. Love with ignorance creates anger and hatred. Use this greatest quality well. — Satish Daryanani

a heart out of clouds

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