I saw a movie based on a teacher’s life. Having everything, he gave it all up for the education of the poor. He even lost the girl he wanted to marry. His success came from the success of his students. The hurdles he faced made the journey more challenging. So, did he do it for God? No. He did not do it for God, or even good Karma. He just did them. When you do things just for the sake of doing them, it happens from a compassionate heart. There is no logic in your actions. Everyone around you discourages you. Many times you feel like giving up. The choices you make in your life show your character, e.g. doing just for the sake of doing, wanting nothing in return. Our lives are the sum of our thoughts, words, and actions. Sometimes a movie can be made about it. Even if no movie is made, you will think of the movie of your own life. You alone will know if it was worth living. Make your life in such manner that, when others think of you, tears of gratitude pour from their eyes. You had such an influence on the lives of strangers. Then you will leave this body knowing that you truly lived. — Satish Daryanani

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