I was watching a Netflix show on how different drugs trigger different parts of our brains. We become positive, the walls that limit us are removed, we are high with peace and happiness, we are full of energy, we have no depression nor thoughts of committing suicide, we see the inner light, and so on. My spiritual Master, in the 1960’s, had many disciples who were hippies and took drugs to experience all the goodies of the brain. My Master showed them how they could experience everything without the use of drugs and to maintain them permanently. All these thoughts are nothing but to inspire you to experience the wonders of the mind—a slow and steady path toward the same experience of what the drugs do for us. Only there are no withdrawal symptoms or harm to our organs. Above all, it is free and you can tap into it whenever you want. Spirituality is meant to enjoy the high that comes from realizing you are the spirit. Satish Daryanani