When we are around people, we get attached to them. Once we part from them, due to our busy lives, we tend to not think of them as much. I remember so many very close school friends. Now that we have not kept in touch, they are not on my mind. Honestly, when I was busy working and sometimes did not get to see my spiritual Masters, they, too, went out of my mind. How do we expect to keep God in our minds when He is always out of our sight? It happens when God turns from a physical form into an experience form. You can forget anyone and anything if you lose connection. Can a business person ever forget money? Can a mother forget her newborn child? When God is closer to you than anyone or anything, the presence is felt permanently. It is a form of love and peace. It is wisdom and friendship that goes hand in hand. It is always in the background when you need the focus to function in the world. It is a merger and a separation, depending on your mood. There is permanent gratitude and wonder of the Divine presence. There is no fear or guilt with your Beloved. Still, pray and long for the presence of the Lord even though you are permanently in His presence. A buddy that you can joke with, talk to, confess to, and make fun of. Both are crazy to put up with each other. We have no choice and are stuck with each other until eternity. So, never out of sight and never out of mind. — Satish Daryanani

So near, yet so far illustration