I heard from people that some of the messages I sent went over their heads. They want simple messages that everyone understands. Yet sometimes, to go the next step and understand, takes time. For example, when a person leaves the body, we say that they will have a seat next to God. Others pray so that they will go to heaven. Even on the death anniversary of a person who died years ago, people pray that he or she is with God. So, do you want them to be with God after they die even if they did not build a relationship with God? If God was real for that person and if they had such a close relationship with God while they were alive, please do not waste your prayers on them. Their fate is determined within a few moments after they pass away. If they are attached to worldly things, you can pray for them to move on. You can even joke with them that you are better off without them, that you have computerized their business and have become more successful. Death is nothing but the extension of life. Spend your prayers on people when they are alive. You cannot change anyone when they are in the astral form. If this is understood, then you are on the right track. You can pray and send blessings to God when I die, as you should have empathy for Him having to put up with me all the time. — Satish Daryanani

kid puzzled by phone message