We are all connected because of technology, yet we are disconnected as human beings. We text instead of talk. We use Facebook but we do not meet people face-to-face. If God had an app, everyone would use it and no one would care to meet God. If peace could be enjoyed online, no one would sit in silence. There is loneliness in this world and one benefit comes from it. It creates a perfect environment in which to find that one thing that will fill this void: building a new relationship with God. It’s  not just like having a spare tire when you have a flat tire in life, but it’s like having that one friend who will never let you feel you are alone. You do not even need to be connected online, as you are never disconnected from God. How can we reach this stage? Most people want God, spirituality, peace, and wisdom. Yet no one does anything about it. We go to the beach with our swimsuits on and no one ends up swimming. All this planning and there’s no action. We do not want to get wet, as we think the water is cold. Just give God a try. The poor fellow is waiting patiently. If you connect, with God, then you are automatically connected with everyone and everything. — Satish Daryanani

4 connected hands in an embrace